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Botox for Dentists?

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Why would dentist want to use Botox? A little bit of history. According to Wikipedia,  Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and is extremely neurotoxic. When introduced intravenously in monkeys, type A of the toxin exhibits an LD50 of 40-56 ng, type C1 around 32 ng, type D 3200 ng, and type E 88 ng, rendering the above types some of the most powerful neurotoxins known.Popularly known by one of its trade names, Botox or Dysport, it is used for various cosmetic and medical procedures. The Tennessee Board of Dentistry is considering a rule change that would allow dentists to treat their patients with the drug. The board has already given the okay to oral surgeons. They can start using Botox Thursday to help treat jaw pain and discomfort. Source: http://www2.tricities.com/news/2011/jan/18/dentists-want-use-botox-ar-782868/

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January 20, 2011


interesting idea to use Botox in denstistry

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