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Botox shot at the dentist office?

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I am impressed. What an innovative approach to a new technology utilization in the dental office. Boston dentist is giving Botox injections. If¬†gynecologists, hair salon and even a nurse who takes a two-day certification class can give¬†injections. Why not a dentist? “Like most cosmetic dentists, I have a spa-like practice, so it was a natural next step,” says Smith, a Boston dentist who fixes cracked broken teeth with porcelain veneers. She next plans to become certified in Restylane and other dermal fillers to plump out lips and facial sags. “People want service and convenience,” she adds. And they’re happy to get their face fixed along with their smile. Smith says she’s had good customer satisfaction, just a few complaints from patients saying that the injections wore off too quickly. At $400 to $500 a treatment, they’d like the treatments to last the full three to four months. She tells me she’s provided repeat injections for dissatisfied patients for no charge. Source: Boston.com