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Our SEO Phases

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We will be adding a new web page on the Affordable SEO Company website to describe the phases of the SEO optimization we provide during the search engine optimization project. We also are planning to disclose the prices of these phases. Below is a list of our SEO phases:
# SEO Phases Description
1 Comprehensive SEO Analysis The Comprehensive SEO Analysis report provides the SEO ranking of your website and your competitor websites, identifies the most popular keywords for you website and the keyword competition. We also analyze your main competitor website SEO related indexes to identify amount of work the needs to be done to achieve the first page ranking for your website.
2 On-site Optimization This step includes setting up new meta tags for the website based on the selected keywords including website code and content optimization. The amount of work is based on a number pages targeted for SEO optimization which defined by the number of keywords selected for the SEO. This step also includes setting up Google Analytics account, creating the website sitemap and submitting the website to Web Master tools.
3 Off-site Optimization This step includes building inbound links on the web directories, forums, and blogs; submitting press releases and articles (editorial services are not included). The price of that step very much depends on the amount of links that needs to be built on a monthly basis.
4 Blog setup We recommend setting up a blog for your website to improve the awareness of your business and bring more potential customers to your website. Price depends on the amount of customization that needs to be done to your website and to the blog section.
5 Social Marketing This step includes setting up accounts with major social marketing websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg.com; customization of your accounts and applying social networking links to your website. Price depends on the amount of customization that needs to be done to your social networking accounts.
6 AdWords Setting up the AdWords account and monthly maintenance.
7 Reporting We provide monthly comprehensive SEO analysis reporting to demonstrate the SEO process progress

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