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Matt Cutts talks about web spam, websites’ quality and SEO once again

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Matt_Cuts_Answering_SEO_Questions-June-2013Matt Cutts was once again there on his official YouTube channel answering questions on SEO. This time, the questions were broadly related to three topics: web spam, websites’ quality and SEO. The first in the line was web spam, regarding which Cutts said that Google will start sending more elaborated messages on web spam to subscribed webmasters. He made mention of a new tool created by Google to help webmasters in improving their websites more quickly. The tool requires some changes and would take a little time to get streamlined. Answering another question, he explained the impact of stock photographs and original photographs on websites. Stock photos do not have any negative effect on websites on which they are uploaded. However, original photos can be the determining factor of the quality of website and are likely to have positive effect in future. The last concern that was posed to him was about website linking. He was asked whether multiple websites can be linked together and what impact does such linking has on SEO and the linked websites. The answer might be known to many because Cutts has long maintained this. Any number of websites can be linked together, provided they address the same or similar subject. However, a webmaster with 50 websites should be careful to link likes ones and not all to each other. Cutts signed off with the advice of creating good websites with sound content containing relevant keywords.