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Bing Search on BlackBerry devices

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced on stage  today at RIM’s annual Blackberry World a new alliance between Microsoft and RIM. BlackBerry devices will be using Bing as  the preferred search provider in the browser. The newly released BlackBerry Playbook is shipping now with Bing as the default search and map application. Matt Dahlin, the Director of Bing concluded in todays bloh article “We are excited to be working with RIM, an early leader in Internet-connected mobile devices, to help people make better decisions with Bing.” Source: Microsoft

Our SEO Phases

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We will be adding a new web page on the Affordable SEO Company website to describe the phases of the SEO optimization we provide during the search engine optimization project. We also are planning to disclose the prices of these phases. Below is a list of our SEO phases:
# SEO Phases Description
1 Comprehensive SEO Analysis The Comprehensive SEO Analysis report provides the SEO ranking of your website and your competitor websites, identifies the most popular keywords for you website and the keyword competition. We also analyze your main competitor website SEO related indexes to identify amount of work the needs to be done to achieve the first page ranking for your website.
2 On-site Optimization This step includes setting up new meta tags for the website based on the selected keywords including website code and content optimization. The amount of work is based on a number pages targeted for SEO optimization which defined by the number of keywords selected for the SEO. This step also includes setting up Google Analytics account, creating the website sitemap and submitting the website to Web Master tools.
3 Off-site Optimization This step includes building inbound links on the web directories, forums, and blogs; submitting press releases and articles (editorial services are not included). The price of that step very much depends on the amount of links that needs to be built on a monthly basis.
4 Blog setup We recommend setting up a blog for your website to improve the awareness of your business and bring more potential customers to your website. Price depends on the amount of customization that needs to be done to your website and to the blog section.
5 Social Marketing This step includes setting up accounts with major social marketing websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg.com; customization of your accounts and applying social networking links to your website. Price depends on the amount of customization that needs to be done to your social networking accounts.
6 AdWords Setting up the AdWords account and monthly maintenance.
7 Reporting We provide monthly comprehensive SEO analysis reporting to demonstrate the SEO process progress

Dental office needs SEO

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Just a quick comment on my meeting with a potential client today. The dental office is open 3 days a week since about 9 months ago as the economy slowed down and the patient’s load became lighter and lighter.  The owner of the dental practice is obviously an intelligent person and understands that internet marketing is probably a way to go. But … is afraid to invest into that technology. Scott (let’s call him like that) says that he is not sure if he can justify spending on SEO optimization of his business website because he is not 100% confident that return on investment will be grater than the investment itself. We all know that most of the times you need to spent in order to make. Yes, the owner of the business needs to spend on SEO optimization in order to see the results. It’s obvious. Isn’t it? SEO takes time and sometimes takes longer than we all want. I don’t  think  these days too many people will disagree with me on the fact that internet is a major channel of advertising and marketing and that you as a business owner shall not only have your web presence established but start the SEO optimization campaign as soon as possible. Otherwise you will be out of the game.

Five Interesting Dental Technology predictions for 2011

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Just came across an interesting article by Dr. Larry Emmott. I think those predictions have a bit of sarcasm built in, and I think all 5 predictions are valid. Below are 5 predictions: 1. Some dentists will postpone the purchase of a digital radiography system because they are waiting for the price to drop. 2. Many dentists will install an upgraded management system, add some new team members, but not bother to set up and pay for team training. 3. Dentists will run a paper system simultaneously with an electronic system. 4. Makers of high-tech dental systems, such as digital radiograph and digital impression systems, will continue to create output in a proprietary format that cannot be used by any other system. 5. Dentists will avoid setting up a practice Web site. I might add a couple of my predictions to that list. Implants prices and cost6. Many dentists will realize that SEO and web marketing is way to go to market their businesses. However many are still going to stay ignorant to the fact that nobody can find their website on Google search engine. 7. Dentists will agree that the website must exist for their business and hopefully will engage a webmaster to establish a web pretense for their practice. Source: DentistryIQ.com

Nanoscale Interfaces in Teeth

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Science Daily [2011-01-22] -Cracking a Tooth: 3-D Map of Atoms Sheds Light on Nanoscale Interfaces in Teeth, May Aid Materials Design. Teeth and bone are important and complex structures in humans and other animals, but little is actually known about their chemical structure at the atomic scale. What exactly gives them their renowned toughness, hardness and strength? How do organisms control the synthesis of these advanced functional composites? Now, using a highly sophisticated atomic-scale imaging tool on a sea creature’s tooth, two Northwestern University researchers have peeled away some of the mystery of organic/inorganic interfaces that are at the heart of tooth and bone structure. They are the first to produce a three-dimensional map of the location and identity of millions of individual atoms in the complex hybrid material that allows the animal to literally chew rock. Read more … Credits: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/01/110112132126.htm

Dental SEO Marketing

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Iwordpress.inf o [10/16/2010] – The dental seo marketing provides highest returns on the investment. Most of the person search for good dentist through online. It the website is not appeared in the first page then it will not reach to a person. In this Dental SEO Marketing is they make sure that the potential clients searching for a web. Through that people can find their required information about the dentist. This searching is performed by the user on every day.

Noise Cancellation at Dental Office

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shinyshiny.tv [2011-01-10] – We all dread going to the dentist. The very sound of the drill is more than enough to leave even the toughest of us shaking in our shoes. That is why King’s College Dental Institute’s Professor Brian Millar has invented a noise cancellation device that eliminates the unnerving sound of dental drills. Many people put off going to the dentist because of anxiety associated with the noise of the dentist’s drill. But this device has the potential to make fear of the drill a thing of the past. The beauty of this gadget is that it would be fairly cost-effective for dentists to buy, and any patient with an MP3 player would be able to benefit from it, at no extra cost. read more …

3D Scanning for Dentistry

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3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (i.e. color). The collected data can then be used to construct digital, three dimensional models useful for a wide variety of applications. These devices are used extensively by the entertainment industry in the production of movies and video games. Other common applications of this technology include industrial design, orthotics and prosthetics, reverse engineering and prototyping, quality control/inspection and documentation of cultural artifacts.
Everest System

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Many different technologies can be used to build these 3D scanning devices; each technology comes with its own limitations, advantages and costs. It should be remembered that many limitations in the kind of objects that can be digitized are still present: for example optical technologies encounter many difficulties with shiny, mirroring or transparent objects. There are however methods for scanning shiny objects, such as covering them with a thin layer of white powder that will help more light photons to reflect back to the scanner. Laser scanners can send trillions of light photons toward an object and only receive a small percentage of those photons back via the optics that they use. The reflectivity of an object is based upon the object’s color or terrestrial albedo. A white surface will reflect lots of light and a black surface will reflect only a small amount of light. Transparent objects such as glass will only refract the light and give false three dimensional information [Wikipedia credit]. 3D Scanning digital imaging and dentistry are merging into one technology innovation – A 3D Scanner for dentistry. KaVo, based in Leutkirch, Germany, is pioneering digital production of dental devices that saves time by automating the process and eliminating the need for adjustment. The new manufacturing process also enables superior materials to be used that are difficult or impossible to incorporate into the traditional manual process. KaVo has adopted many of the digital design technologies traditionally used by auto and aerospace industries. But, the need for individualized products provides a unique challenge for the dental industry. read more ...

5 tips for marketing your dental practice

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Very good points have been published  by Ken Serota on December 17, 2010 in the article “5 tips for marketing your dental practice” Marketing a dental practice is simply not what it used to be. Years ago you could just take out an advertisement in the Yellow Pages or send direct mailers. In today’s saturated media market, these efforts often just end up in the recycling bin. While many dentists still swear by these methods, I argue that you’re not only missing the huge (and growing) group of patients who are online, but also that there is no way to track the success of your 

Laser technology for dentists

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DentistryIQ (2010-12-13) – Syneron Dental introduces Laser-in-Handpiece technology. YOKNEAM, Israel–Syneron Dental, a provider of dental laser solutions, has announced a patented Litetouch System, featuring the company’s Laser-in-Handpiece technology, has been installed in numerous clinics and universities in 2010. To read more about laser technology, go to laser technology. The system provides dentists across Europe and the Far East with the ability to use lasers to perform complex dental procedures that had previously not been possible with traditional dental laser systems. Syneron Dental’s LiteTouch is an all-tissue, nonfiber, nonarticulated arm Er: YAG dental laser for use on hard- and soft-tissue procedures. LiteTouch generates the laser’s energy within the handpiece, allowing for greater energy transfer than ever before. It provides dentists with high-speed cutting ability, power, precision, and maneuverability. read more …