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Five Interesting Dental Technology predictions for 2011

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Just came across an interesting article by Dr. Larry Emmott. I think those predictions have a bit of sarcasm built in, and I think all 5 predictions are valid. Below are 5 predictions: 1. Some dentists will postpone the purchase of a digital radiography system because they are waiting for the price to drop. 2. Many dentists will install an upgraded management system, add some new team members, but not bother to set up and pay for team training. 3. Dentists will run a paper system simultaneously with an electronic system. 4. Makers of high-tech dental systems, such as digital radiograph and digital impression systems, will continue to create output in a proprietary format that cannot be used by any other system. 5. Dentists will avoid setting up a practice Web site. I might add a couple of my predictions to that list. Implants prices and cost6. Many dentists will realize that SEO and web marketing is way to go to market their businesses. However many are still going to stay ignorant to the fact that nobody can find their website on Google search engine. 7. Dentists will agree that the website must exist for their business and hopefully will engage a webmaster to establish a web pretense for their practice. Source: DentistryIQ.com

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